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Frequently asked questions

This page gives you an overview of some common question. If your question is not in it, please contact our helpdesk.

How much will my travel weblog cost me?

Besides 5 minutes of your time, it depends: we offer free travel weblogs that allow you to put 25 photos and an unlimited number of messages on your weblog. However, if you need more photos, you can buy various photo packages.

I tried to sign up, but I never received the activation email?

Some email providers use spam filters which label the activation email as spam. Make sure to look in the spam folder of your email account.

Still can't find it? Just contact our helpdesk and we will activate your weblog manually.

Friends of mine are subscribed to my mailinglist, but I get complaints that they never receive any emails?

Again, that's due to some overly strict spam filters. The solutions is quite easy: advise your friends to add the email address 'info@iamonthemove.com' to their contact list (or safe list). This usually solves the problem.

How long will my weblog last?

As long as you long in every 6 months, you don't have to worry. Before that 6 months period expires, we will send you 2 reminders to log in.

How come you guys do this for free?

We're just really, really, really nice.

Still wondering?

Our helpdesk is always there to help you out! If you have any remarks or suggestions, you can use this form as well.


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